Run SLOW to Run FAST


I only got into running in October 2022. Indeed, I was naturally intimidated by the prowess of my fellow compatriots. These were the top 10 in every single race. Yes they did give me some tips but I felt that was purely so they can take the piss out of me at my measly 100th position compared to their mighty one.

But how wrong were my cognitive distortions? In short, very!

Only as I started to learn more about the running community, I realised it is based on getting more people INTO running. So stop if you denounce a runner because they don’t quite look like a “runner”. You see, the running community is built upon getting more people into running. The runner’s high”, as they call it or endorphins.

Endorphins? Have you ever wondered what the word really means?

Endo-rphin °= Endogenous Morphine.

Now that I can prescribe on a mass level without even lifting a pen.

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