Introjection: The big-daddy of Introspection

You have heard of introspection, the cognito-emotional process of examining one’s own behaviour.

Introspection is used to gain insights for growth and self-development and ultimately increase life satisfaction. But only recently I became aware of introjection.

Introjection is the #unconscious internalisation of another person’s #attitudes & #values. During childhood, kids tend to introject their parents values.

The take home

Once we are aware of such mental processes, then we can begin to self examine our deeply rooted, internalised value systems. These schemas may have assisted us in the past, but we really ought to ask ourselves,

Is my childhood software, optimised for my present day reality?

If the answer is no…

Then, we should endeavour to keep our mental softwares up-to-date, to the version best suited to the current use case.

Multi-speciality knowledge allows me to express myself with greater clarity and precision. Feedback on writing style and resonance always appreciated.
Till next time, stay on top of the game…the game of life x



Dr Ad ALI• Physician-Philosopher

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