Does the universe have to have a beginning? A Dual-aspect Monism thesis

The origin of the universe forever co-existed with an anti-origin...There is no such thing as a beginning, it was always there, in a micro-state of movement within the stillness.

For the theistic reader we could even interpret it as 'The GOD formula', through which the universe created and solved itself simultaneously.

The universe was in a state of equilibrium by a 'mathemetical formula' which simultaneously creates and solves itself. There was never any beginning per se, but rather there was movement within the stillness..the equilibrium determined by the God formula gives the impression of nothingness but within the nothingness there are a lot of things going on to maintain equilibrium, to provide the impression of stillness at a singularity.

It was all there all along, nothing and everything, what physicists say was the big bang is just a projection of something from the nothingness. [Jungian shadow, our forward facing observable reality has an equally deep shadow anti-reality and vice versa]. We see it as the big bang as we are oreientated towards the reality side but the reality is simply a projection of the anti-reality, yes possibly it’s projecting out [we say my mind has expanded after x or y experience] likewise we are of the universe which is also expanding ...mind being the anti-reality and the observable universe the reality, [principle of Yin & Yang], they’re a part of each other..every inward has an outward, every creation (reality) is brought from a void (anti-reality), every uncertainty (anti-reality) creates possibility (reality), every actuality was once a potentiality.



Dr Ad ALI• Physician-Philosopher

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